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Sitting just outside of Munich in the famous region of Bavaria is the Ayinger Brewery. Dating all the way back to 1878, this old, family-run brewer has been around for generations – and with good reason…

When you crack open a bottle of Ayinger beer, you are truly sipping on the standard-bearer for Bavarian brews. They even have the certificates to prove it! This award-winning brewery has been racking up accolades for decades, including several titles at the 2007 World Beer Championships. Impressive stuff! 

So, what kind of tantalising tipples do they produce? Well, Ayinger specialises in traditional German beers, aiming to preserve a culture that they hold dear. If you’re a bit of a lager lover, try their Kellerbier, for an authentic, yeasty take on this classic style. Alternatively, for a darker drink, go for a pint of Altbairisch Dunkel, which features a malty, coffee flavour.

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