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Originally produced by Paulaner monks in the 17th century, this brew has had quite the history.

When Paulaner beer was first created, it was such a hit with the locals that other brewers in the area made complaints against them. Even back then, it was one hell of a drink! Don’t worry, though; they’re still going strong and brewing in Munich (but they’ve waved goodbye to the monastery).

These beverages are all in line with the Bavarian Beer Purity Law, using a perfect balance of ingredients. 10,000-year-old, untouched water is combined with home-grown hops and malt to create fresh, flavourful bottles. Paulaner Bräuhaus (or, Paulaner Brewery, as we know them) is also one of just six German breweries that provide beer for Oktoberfest!

Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier is the number one wheat beer in Germany, all thanks to its classic taste. All of you hop heads are sure to pick up on the fruity aromas that follow, adding a little something special to this golden pint of goodness.

Order a pack, now, to enjoy a crisp, refreshing stein in no time.