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Do you fancy supping something different? If so, crack open an abbey beer. These traditional tipples really pack a punch, making them a great option for those of you who enjoy a drink with plenty of oomph.

What is an Abbey Beer?

Abbey beers are pretty self-explanatory, as they’re produced by (or in conjunction with) a marvellous monastery, usually in Belgium.

They can come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, but most tend to be a strong ale. Common varieties include blonde ales, pale ales and Belgian brown ales (often known as “blond”, “tripel” and “brune”). 

What’s the Difference Between Abbey Beers and Trappist Beers?

Abbey beers are quite similar to Trappist beers, apart from one crucial difference: they’re not necessarily brewed within the monastery’s walls or by the monks themselves. For this reason, many of them aren’t officially recognised as Trappist beers by the International Trappist Association. However, they’re still packed with fruity and spicy flavours!

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