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Showing 1–16 of 56 results

Welcome to Beerhunter, the premier destination for wheat beer enthusiasts! Whether you’re a seasoned beer connoisseur or just starting to explore the world of beer styles, we’ve got something for everyone.

Wheat beer is a type of beer that is made from wheat, as the name suggests. It is a popular style of beer that originated in Germany and has since spread to other parts of the world. Wheat beers are known for their refreshing and crisp flavour and their characteristic hazy appearance.

At Beerhunter, we specialise in German wheat beers and are proud to offer some of the best brands in the business. Our selection includes the classic Shofferhofer, a German wheat beer known for its light and refreshing taste.

Paulaner München is another must-try German wheat beer perfect for those who like their beers a little bit sweeter. This brand is known for its rich and complex flavour profile, making it a favourite among beer enthusiasts.

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic wheat beer, Erdinger Alkoholfrei Grapefruit is a great choice. This beer is made with real grapefruit juice, which gives it a unique and delicious taste.

Lowenbrau is another classic German wheat beer known for its smooth and easy-drinking flavour. This brand is perfect for those who want to enjoy a beer without feeling overwhelmed by the taste.

Inedit Damm is a Belgian wheat beer known for its unique and complex flavour. This beer is perfect for those looking for something a little bit different and exploring new beer styles.

At Beerhunter, we also offer a wide selection of wheat beer brands from around the world. So, whether you’re looking for a UK wheat beer or a Belgian wheat beer, we’ve got you covered. We also offer various wheat beers to suit all tastes, including Erdinger Kristall, Paulaner Hefe-weissbier, and Weihenstephaner Festbier.

In addition to our wide selection of wheat beers, we also offer a variety of other beer styles. From lagers to stouts, we have something for every beer lover. So, whether you want to try something new or stick to a classic style, we’ve covered you.

So why not browse our Beerhunter website and explore the world of wheat beers and other beer styles. With our wide selection of brands and styles, we’re sure to have something that you’ll love.