Rodenbach Gran Cru Belgian Flanders Red Ale 330ml Bottles – 6.00% ABV (12 Pack)

Rodenbach Gran Cru Belgian Flanders Red Ale 330ml Bottles – 6.00% ABV (12 Pack)




BREWERY: Rodenbach

COUNTRY: Belgium

STYLE: Flanders Red Ale

ABV: 6.00%

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Rodenbach Brewery, established in 1836 in West Flanders, Belgium, is renowned for its expertise in creating Flanders red ales. The brewery is known for its unique maturation process in nearly 300 oak casks, contributing to the distinct sourness characteristic of Flemish red ales. Rodenbach Grand Cru is a standout Flanders red-brown ale, known for its complex and fruity profile. The beer undergoes a mixed fermentation process, including top-fermentation and bacterial fermentation with lactic acid bacteria. This results in a unique sweet-sour taste, with flavours and aromas of red fruits, vanilla, wood, cheese, chocolate, and caramel. The beer’s colour is a deep red-brown, owing to the use of roast caramel malts. This beer is excellent as an aperitif, stimulating the appetite and promoting digestion. Its slight sour flavour makes it a great pairing with seafood, especially freshly peeled grey prawns, and hard cheeses like Bruggekaas.

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